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Corner Sofa - Burgundy

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    How To Take Correct Measurements ?

    For Single Couch : 
    Make sure you measure from the edge of the arm rests if present, like in the diagram below, from A to A 

    • A to A = 36-55 inches (90cm to 140cm), please order one "1-Seater Cover".
    • A to A = 57-73 inches (145cm-185cm), please order one "2-Seater Cover".
    • A to A = 74-95 inches (190cm-230cm), please order one "3-Seater Cover".
    • A to A = 95-118 inches (235cm to 300cm), please order one "4-Seater Cover".
    For L-Shape Couch / Sectional Couch :
    Start by measuring each section of your sofa as seen in the diagram below,
    from A to A, B to B & C to C :

    Example 1 
    A to A = 57-73 inches (145cm-185cm) 
    B to B = 57-73 inches (145cm-185cm)
    Please order TWO "2-Seater Cover" ( Total 2 pieces )

    Example 2 

    A to A = 57-73 inches (145cm-185cm)
    B to B =  95-118 inches (235cm to 300cm)
    C to C =  74-95 inches (190cm-230cm)
    Please order  ONE "2-Seater Cover" + ONE "4-Seater Cover" + ONE "3-Seater Cover"  ( Total 3 pcs )

    Revive Your Old Couch

    In many cases, your old couch can still do so for a whole lot longer — you just have to breath a bit more life into it. Let your old couch becomes a colorful statement piece, turn it into something incredible and morden.


    DURABLE:  Stretch Covers are soft, non-slip and gentle so you can enjoy unparalleled comfort and durability for at least 10 years.

     RESISTANT: If you have pets or children our covers are ideal to protect your sofa from stains, wear and tear.

    ✓ EASY: Covers are installed in seconds, simply cover the sofa and slide the supplied foam tips into the gaps in the chair to hold the covers in place. If necessary, the cover can be fixed with a string underneath the sofa.

    ✓ AFFORDABLE: These covers offer you unique comfort at an affordable price. Their elastane material offers a mix between quality fabric and elegant design.

    Here are the reasons why our covers are indispensable:

    ✓ Effective protection: Anti-tear, anti-stain, anti-dust, anti-slip

    ✓ Perfect for different occasions and celebrations with family and friends. They bring a touch of freshness and elegance to your home.

    ✓ The cover can be replaced in seconds and can be washed like a garment in the washing machine without any risk of damaging it.

    ✓ The covers do not require ironing thanks to their elastane material.

    ✓ The covers fit all types of sofas and armchairs very well.

    ✓ Position the cover easily so that the fabric is taut and taut on your sofa and fix it underneath the sofa with the elastic band.

    In the event of an error or if the cover does not suit you, take advantage of the 30-day Money Back Guarantee.

    We are a French company and we deliver everywhere in Europe and all over the world.

    Join the world of Home Corner like tens of thousands of customers who have already placed their trust in us.

    Delivery is FREE!

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